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Deadwood Works began in 2011 when the owner, Robin Matthews, moved back to his family lake property in Killen, Alabama.  Robin had a desire to fill the home with one-of-a-kind, custom-made furniture.  From there he developed a strong desire to learn the art of woodworking, starting with basic tools such as a skills and palm sander, and using mostly reclaimed heart pine from a local cotton mill.  A year later and growing tired of working primarily with heart pine, he decided to branch out by gaining experience with a sawmill, which quickly led to a sharper skill set and an obsession for seeking and finding different species of dead wood.  With the abundance of hardwood species in and around North Alabama, he settled on this location and decided to make a living working in his element - nature.  A tree lover at his core, Robin strives to work by a code with which he sources dead wood, therefore finding new purpose and sustainability for his wood through works of art and use in indoor and outdoor applications, as well as custom-made furniture.

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